How to Fix Airdrop Not Working iOS 17

Encountering Airdrop issues on iOS 17? Dive into our guide for step-by-step solutions, and reclaim the seamless file-sharing experience you deserve.

Clara by Clara Updated January 12, 2024
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AirDrop, a seamless file-sharing feature on iOS 17, can occasionally encounter hiccups, like  AirDrop not working iOS 17, leaving users frustrated. This comprehensive guide delves into troubleshooting methods to address AirDrop issues. From network settings to device compatibility, we unravel the mysteries behind AirDrop not working on iOS 17.


Whether you're transferring photos, videos, or documents, our step-by-step solutions ensure that AirDrop becomes a reliable and efficient tool once again.

Common Causes of AirDrop Issues

To unravel the mysteries behind iOS 17 AirDrop not working, it's imperative to explore the common causes that may hinder this seamless file-sharing feature.

Network Settings

AirDrop heavily relies on stable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Confirm that both are enabled on your iOS 17 device, ensuring a robust network environment for successful AirDrop transfers.

Device Compatibility

AirDrop compatibility varies across Apple devices. Ensure that both the sending and receiving devices support AirDrop to avoid potential limitations and enhance the file-sharing experience.

Software Updates

Outdated iOS versions can hinder AirDrop functionality. Regularly check for software updates on both devices to ensure they are running the latest iOS version, addressing compatibility issues.

AirDrop Visibility

Adjusting AirDrop visibility settings is crucial. Set your AirDrop visibility to "Everyone" to broaden compatibility during file transfers, increasing the chances of successful sharing.

Step-by-Step Solutions

Let's navigate through ways to fix AirDrop iOS 17 not working, unraveling its potential to restore the seamless file-sharing experience on your iOS 17 device.

Toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

In the realm of troubleshooting AirDrop issues on iOS 17, the simplicity of toggling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth belies its effectiveness. This elementary yet powerful step aims to reset wireless connections, serving as a quick remedy for minor disruptions affecting AirDrop functionality.

a. Open the Control Center on your iOS 17 device.

b. Toggle off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

c. Wait a few seconds and toggle them back on to reset wireless connections and potentially resolve minor AirDrop disruptions.

Restart Devices

AirDrop relies on a stable connection. Ensure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on your iOS 17 device. To do this, open the Control Center, locate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons, and make sure they are both active. A stable network environment is crucial for AirDrop functionality.

a. Restart the iOS 17 device experiencing AirDrop issues.

b. Restart the receiving device to refresh settings, resolving temporary glitches affecting AirDrop functionality.

Check Device Compatibility

AirDrop compatibility varies across devices. Confirm that both the sending and receiving devices support AirDrop. Older models may have limitations, impacting the seamless file-sharing experience. Check your device specifications to ensure compatibility. Then the issue of “AirDrop not working after iOS 17” will be solved.

a. Verify AirDrop compatibility on both devices.

b. Older devices may have limitations; confirming compatibility ensures seamless communication via AirDrop.

Update iOS

Outdated iOS versions can lead to compatibility issues with AirDrop. Keep both your sending and receiving devices up to date by checking for software updates.

a. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

b. Update iOS to the latest version on both sending and receiving devices to address software-related issues affecting AirDrop.

Adjust AirDrop Visibility

Adjusting AirDrop visibility settings is crucial for successful transfers. Open the Control Center, press and hold the AirDrop icon, and select "Everyone" to make your device visible to a broader range of users. This enhances compatibility during file transfers.

a. Open the Control Center and press and hold the AirDrop icon.

b. Choose "Everyone" to make the device visible, expanding compatibility options for successful file transfers.

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Advanced Troubleshooting

Embark on this advanced troubleshooting journey armed with these techniques, each tailored to dissect and overcome the intricate challenges that might be hindering your AirDrop experience on iOS 17.

Reset Network Settings

At times, connectivity issues can be deep-seated within the network settings of your iOS 17 device. The "Reset Network Settings" option, though potent, comes with a caveat - it erases saved Wi-Fi passwords. This sacrifice, however, is often necessary to resolve intricate connectivity problems cased AirDrop not working iOS 17.

a. Go to Settings > General > Reset.

b. Select "Reset Network Settings" (Note: This will erase saved Wi-Fi passwords) to resolve complex connectivity issues affecting AirDrop.

Forget and Reconnect Wi-Fi

Network conflicts can be subtle disruptors, affecting AirDrop functionality. By navigating to the Wi-Fi settings and intentionally forgetting the current network, you're embarking on a strategic reset. This simple yet effective measure aims to eliminate potential conflicts, paving the way for a more fluid and reliable AirDrop experience.

a. Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi.

b. Forget the current Wi-Fi network and reconnect, eliminating potential conflicts for a smoother AirDrop experience.

Check Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode, while a handy feature, can sometimes interfere with AirDrop operations. Toggling it on and off serves as a diagnostic maneuver. This step is designed to address potential conflicts arising from Airplane Mode, ensuring that your iOS 17 device is optimized for successful AirDrop transfers.

a. Toggle Airplane Mode on and off.

b. Retry AirDrop after ensuring Airplane Mode is turned off, addressing potential interference issues.


In conclusion, by following these comprehensive steps, you can troubleshoot and resolve AirDrop not working on iOS 17, ensuring that your file-sharing experience regains its seamless and efficient nature.

Addressing network settings, device compatibility, software updates, and AirDrop visibility forms the foundation for troubleshooting. Toggling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, restarting devices, confirming compatibility, updating iOS, and adjusting visibility settings are essential steps that cater to common AirDrop disruptions.

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