6 Fixes to AirDrop not Working on iPhone 14 (Pro/Pro Max)

AirDrop not working on iPhone 14? This guide will explain why AirDrop working on iPhone 14 (Pro/Pro Max) and the solution to this problem, as well as an alternative way to achieve iPhone to iPhone transfer.

Demi by Demi Updated March 4, 2024
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AirDrop is a useful feature built into Apple devices that allows you to quickly and easily share files between devices. However, sometimes AirDrop may not work as expected, leaving you unable to transfer data between iPhone and other devices wirelessly.

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If you're experiencing issues with AirDrop working on your iPhone 14 and other iPhone series, don't worry - there are several potential solutions you can try to get it working again. In this guide, we'll outline six possible solutions to help you troubleshoot and fix AirDrop connectivity issues you may be facing.

Why is AirDrop not working on iPhone 14?

Before any troubleshooting, let’s first look at the potential reasons why AirDrop is not working on iPhone 14.

• Incorrect AirDrop settings. AirDrop can block all incoming connections unless all requirements are satisfied Either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is not on, or perhaps you selected the incorrect setting, you may find iPhone 14 AirDrop not working.
• Software error. The reason why AirDrop fail to work on iPhone 14 might be a simple software bug on your device or a more serious issue.
• iOS update. Both new features and issues will be included in the update. After the upgrade, some users reported that AirDrop malfunction.

Now you have known why AirDrop doesn't work on iPhone. Keep reading to see how to troubleshoot the problem to make AirDrop work properly.

6 solutions to AirDrop not working on iPhone 14 (Pro/Pro Max)

This part offers you effective solutions that can help you get out of this issue. These methods work for not only iPhone 14 (Pro/Pro Max), but also all models of iPhone and iPad.

1# Check AirDrop settings

As it is said previously, you may need to start from the very beginning to adjust AirDrop settings on iPhone when AirDrop is not working properly. To check these settings, follow this tutorials below.

> Turn on Bluetooth and  Wi-Fi on both devices.
An enabled Bluetooth helps detect devices within its range. While an enabled Wi-Fi is used to perform data transfer. If they are already enabled, you can go to Settings to toggle off and on to refresh them.

> Keep two devices close to each other and within the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range (30 feet and preferably closer).

> If either of the devices has an enabled Personal Hotspot on your iPhone, please turn it off.

> Check if your iPhone 14 is discoverable in AirDrop.

As it can be seen in the image below, when you enable AirDrop, you will be given the option to select among Receiving Off, Contacts Only, and Everyone. It is more advisable to choose Everyone so that your iPhone 14 will be visible to any nearby AirDrop-enabled devices.

turn on AirDrop

2# Log out & in iCloud

To avoid any account-related issues that prevent Airdrop from functioning on your iPhone 14, try logging out and back in to your iCloud account.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Tap [your name] > Scroll down to locate and tap Sign Out > Enter your Apple ID and password.

sign out

Step 2. Tap Turn Off > Choose the data you want to keep on iPhone > Tap Sign Out > Tap Sign Out again to confirm.

3# Hard reset iPhone

Your iPhone 14 may need to be refreshed and remove all background programs. Just try force restarting your iPhone 14, which can resolve small bugs that lead to iPhone 14 AirDrop not working.

Quickly press and release the Volume Up button > Perform the same operation on the Volume Down button > Press and hold the Side/Power button until the Apple logo appears.

force restart iPhone

4# Reset network settings

Wi-Fi is required for AirDrop. iPhone AirDrop may do if there is a Wi-Fi connectivity issue. To fix any issues with your Internet connection in this situation, consider resetting network settings.

To reset network settings, go to Settings > Tap General >Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Choose Reset Network Settings. When it is finished, enter the Wi-Fi passcode to rejoin the Wi-Fi to see if it resolves the issue.

reset network settings

5# Reset all settings

The AirDrop not working on iPhone 14 may be caused by a deep software flaw. In this scenario, you might try a complete reset of all settings to fix the issue. All settings will return to their default positions after the reset, but no data will be lost.

Go to the Settings app on iPhone 14 > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings > Enter your passcode, and tap Reset All Settings again to confirm.

reset all settings

6# Update iPhone 14 to the latest iOS version

Software update can always fix bugs in the previous operating system. Thus, if there is a new version of iOS available, follow the steps below to update it.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > General > Software Update. If there is a new iOS version, download and install it.

iOS software update

Alternative to AirDrop for iOS devices file sharing

If none of the above solutions work, you might try using an alternative tool to assist you transfer files. FoneTool is not an AirDrop-like tool, but its transfer feature allows you to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to computer, and computer to iPhone.

FoneTool outweighs AirDrop and AirDrop-like tool from these aspects:
✔ Offline transfer process. With a physical USB connection, FoneTool enables you to transfer files without being influenced by the internet.
✔ Support a big number of files. Unlike AirDrop, FoneTool allows you to transfer a huge amount of data at once.
✔ Fast Transfer speed. It has a faster transfer speed and can transfer batches of data in seconds. You can, for example, transfer 100 in less than 3 seconds.
✔ Simpler design and operation. The transfer task may be completed with a few clicks.

Now, free download FoneTool by clicking the icon below to see how it works.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB > Open FoneTool, and choose Phone Transfer > Go to iPhone to PC.

go to transfer

Step 2. Click the plus icon to select the wanted photos, music, videos, contacts, and click OK to confirm.

select files

Step 3. Click Start Transfer to begin. When it is finished, unplug the source iPhone and plug the target iPhone into the computer > Choose PC to iPhone in FoneTool.

Step 4. Drag and drop the transferred data to the box, or click the arrow icon to open and add the transferred files.

select  files

Step 5. Finally, click Start Transfer > Click OK when the transfer is completed.


That’s all for how to fix AirDrop not working on iPhone 14 (Pro/Pro Max). Hope one of the above methods can help you get out of the trouble. It’s more recommended to try FoneTool, especially if you are transferring multiple files. For more queries, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to contact us.

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