[3 Ways] How to Transfer Data from Broken iPhone to Android

How can you transfer data to your new Android from the broken iPhone? Here in this guide, we will offer you possible methods to guide you how to transfer data from broken iPhone to Android.

Demi by Demi Updated April 19, 2024
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Can you transfer data from a broken iPhone to Android?


How do I transfer data from a broken iPhone to a new Android?

My iPhone has broken down, and I want to use Android device now. How I can transfer my data to my Android device? Note: I can’t use my iPhone, but I can use my Apple account.

- Question from Apple Community

Did you buy a new Android phone when your iPhone is broken in the following cases:
• The iPhone is dead, and it cannot be turned on.
• Part of the iPhone screen is damaged, and you can still access some parts of the screen.

It seems that switching from a broken iPhone to a new Android device can be a daunting task, but with workable methods, it can be seamless no matter whether your iPhone is dead, has a broken screen, or is unresponsive.

broken iphone

In this article, we’ll show you how to transfer data from broken iPhone to Android with 3 tools in detail. Look through them one after another, and choose one as per your need.

Way 1. How to transfer data from dead iPhone to Android - iCloud web

If you have a good backup habit to backup iPhone with iCloud, you can visit iCloud web on Android directly to download iPhone data even if your iPhone is dead. To transfer data from dead iPhone to Android by iCloud, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. On your Android phone, open a web browser and open the iCloud website > Sign in with your iCloud account and password.

go to iCloud web

Step 2. Go to each of the options listed on the home screen > Choose the files to transfer and click the download icon.

Step 3. Accept the download request and wait for the selected photos and other types of files to be saved on your Android phone.

In this way, you can freely send videos, photos, notes, contacts, etc. from a broken iPhone to Android.

Way 2. How to transfer data from broken iPhone to Android - Google Drive

Google Drive, another highly efficient cloud storage solution, is more widely used on Android devices, offering the convenience of backing up and storing your files in the cloud. The great news is that you get 15GB of free storage space, which you can use from the start.

If you can still access your broken iPhone, you can easily upload and share files between your iPhone and Android devices. Whether you're on a reliable Wi-Fi network or don't mind using mobile data, let me guide you through the straightforward process of how to transfer data to Android from iPhone with broken screen.

Step 1. To initiate the file transfer process, begin by installing and opening Google Drive on your iPhone.

Step 2. After installation, sign in to your Google account. Within the app, tap the large + button. This will prompt you to select the files, photos, or videos you wish to transfer.

Step 3. Allow some time for the files to finish uploading, especially if they are large. For optimal data usage, it's recommended to connect to a Wi-Fi network during this process.

backup iphone to google drive

Step 4. Once the upload is complete, you can effortlessly access the files on your Android phone by logging in to the same Google account.

Way 3. How to transfer data from broken iPhone to Android - FoneTool

FoneTool stands out as the ultimate solution for seamless phone and file transfer on the market. This exceptional app features a user-friendly design, ensuring a smooth and effortless transfer experience.

★ Why choose FoneTool? No need for cellular data or cables. FoneTool enables data transfer without relying on Wi-Fi or mobile data, making it the ultimate offline transfer tool.
★ With FoneTool, you can swiftly transfer various critical files between devices effortlessly. From contacts and photos to music, videos, and important documents, this app efficiently handles it all.

If your iPhone is still accessible, FoneTool is a good choice if you want to transfer files from a broken iPhone to Android without the internet, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. To begin, download FoneTool from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Step 2. After successful installation on both your iPhone and Android device, launch the app on both devices. Allow the app to access WLAN without connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network. Activate the Wi-Fi option on both devices.

Step 3. Within the app on either device, proceed to Connect Device. Locate and tap on the name of the desired device to establish a secure connection, ensuring a seamless transfer process.

connect devices

Step 4. Now, on your iPhone, go to the File Transfer section. Here, select specific files or data you wish to transfer to your Android device.

Once satisfied with your selection, initiate the transfer process by clicking on the Send button.

transfer music

Way 4. How to transfer data from broken iPhone to Android - Official transfer apps

Generally, different Android brands offer different apps to help you accomplish iPhone to Android data transfer, such as Samsung's smart switch and Huawei Phone Clone app for Huawei phone.

You can simply make use of these apps to transfer data from broken iPhone to Android with or without USB connection. Just for example, the following are how you can utilize the Smart Switch app

To transfer data from broken iPhone to Android with Smart Switch, here are the simple steps you can follow:

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Android phone with a lightning cable.

quick switch adapter

Step 2. Install and open the Smart Switch app on your Samsung phone > Click Receive to move on.

Step 3. When it is prompted on your iPhone, click Allow to permit Android to access > And then, scan your notes on iPhone.

Step 4. When scanning is done, select the content that you want to transfer > Then tap the Transfer button to begin transferring files from broken iPhone to Android.


Transferring data from a broken iPhone to a new Android device is no longer a complicated process. Whether you choose a cloud service or third-party transfer tool, each method offers a viable solution based on your preferences and requirements.

With these effective ways, you can seamlessly transition from a broken iPhone to a new Android device without losing your valuable data. Remember to follow the outlined steps, consider the pros and cons, and enjoy a smooth transfer experience.

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