How to Transfer Photos from Canon Camera to iPad Wirelessly

In this guide, you will be given a step-by-step instruction on how to transfer photos from canon camera to iPad wirelessly or with a usb connection.

Demi by Demi Updated November 17, 2023
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Transferring photos from a Canon camera to an iPad can be a practical and versatile solution in various scenarios. For example, you may need a eidting apps like VSCO on iPad to do quick adjustments and enhancements to photos in Canon camera while away from your computer.

Furthermore, after editing, you can share them instantly on platforms using the iPad’s larger screen and touch interface. If you are in the same situations, you are in the right place.

iPad canon camera

In this guide, we’ll offer you step-by-step instructions on how to transfer photos from Canon camera to iPad wirelessly or using a USB connection.

How to transfer photos from Canon camera to iPad wirelessly

Here's a quick and seamless method to transfer your data without the need for wires or computers. All you need are two devices: your Canon Camera and your iPad. This method is one of the most popular and easiest ways to move your photos back and forth.

Simply follow the steps below carefully to know how to connect canon camera to iPad using Wi-Fi, and you'll find all your pictures on your iPad. Importantly, this process does not affect the quality of your photographs when moved.

Step 1. Pair your Canon camera to iPad
• Press the Playback button on your camera, and you will see all photos. Press the Smartphone or Wi-Fi button on your camera.

• Then enter a name for your camera and click "OK." On the new screen, choose the mobile device icon.

pair canon 1

• Switch to your iPad, turn on Wi-Fi and connect the network of your camera. Open the Canon Camera Connect app on your iPad. Select your iPad on the Canon camera.

pair canon 2

• Wait for your devices to connect. Afterward, confirm the prompt appears on the iPad.

Step 2. Import photos from Canon camera to iPad wirelessly
• On your iPad, tap Import images, and all photos will be displayed.

import photos from canon camera to ipad

• Select the photo you want to transfer to your iPad and click the transfer icon to easily download these pictures from your Canon camera to your iPad. Go to the Photos app on your iPad to check the photos.

How to import photos from Canon camera to iPad/iPhone with USB connection

If you're not keen on complex preparations before the transfer process, it's more advisable to transfer photos using USB for a stable and quicker process.

With a computer available, consider using FoneTool, one of the best transfer apps for iOS devices, to transfer photos from a Canon camera to iPad. The simple and selective transfer process ensures you can transfer 100 photos to your iPad in no more than three seconds. Besides, the transfer process doesn't degree the quality 

Free download FoneTool to your computer and follow the steps below to transfer photos from Canon camera to iPad.

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How to transfer photos from Canon camera to iPad
1. Connect both your iPad and Canon camera to computer with stable USB. As for Canon camera, you can alsoread the SD card in your Canon camera with an SD card reader.

2. On the home screen of FoneTool, select the Phone Transfer option. Proceed to choose the "PC to iPhone" option and click "Get Started".

go to transfer

3. Click the Photos tab. Here, you can add the specific photos you wish to transfer from your Canon camera to your iPad.

add photos

4. Click Start Transfer to add photos to iPad.

start transfer

When the transfer process is finished, you can head to the iPad Photos app to have a check.

Additional tips for efficient photo transfer

• Delete duplicate photos/drafts
If you plan to edit photos on your iPad, don’t forget to utilize the Photo Deduplication function in FoneTool to automatically remove the duplicate photos and draft.

• Clear Space on iPad
Before transferring photos, ensure that your iPad has sufficient storage space. Delete unnecessary files or apps to free up storage.

• Safeguard Originals
Consider keeping a backup of your original photos on your computer or an external storage device before initiating the transfer to your iPad. FoneTool also provides you a powerful backup solution, enabling you to backup photos from iOS devices to computer.


That’s all for how to transfer photos from Canon camera to iPad wirelessly or using a USB connection. Whether you choose the traditional method of wireless transfer through the Canon Camera Connect app or opt for the convenience of a one-click solution with FoneTool, the goal is to streamline the process and make your photo transfer experience seamless.

Evaluate your preferences, consider the specific features of your Canon camera, and choose the method that best fits your workflow, ensuring that your cherished moments are effortlessly accessible on your iPad or iPhone.

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