Fix iPhone eSIM Transfer Not Working iPhone 15/14/13

eSIM did not transfer to new iPhone? iPhone eSIM transfer not supported? This guide will tell you why iPhone eSIM transfer not working and how to fix the problem.

Lena by Lena Updated March 6, 2024
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Problem: iPhone eSIM transfer not working

iPhone eSIM transfe not working


eSIM transfer not working iPhone 15

Hello, I tried to transfer my phone number from my iPhone 12 to my new iPhone 15 Pro Max. But it says "Oops! There was a problem with the eSIM transfer request from your Apple Device." Please help!

- Question from AT&T Community Forums


Transfer not supported iPhone eSIM

I had my iPhone 11 Pro Max replaced and when I tried to add my eSIM for T-Mobile it says Transfer not supported. Does anyone know how to transfer the T-Mobile eSIM to my replaced iPhone?

- Question from Reddit

Are you experiencing the same problem as these two users? Try to transfer eSIM to new iPhone but a notification says that the transfer cannot be completed. It can be an annoying problem as eSIM is the key to getting network connectivity on your device. What can you do to fix this iPhone eSIM transfer not working issue? Just keep reading to find the solution.

Why is my eSIM transfer not working?

eSIM is still fairly new so sometimes eSIM did not transfer to new iPhone issue arises. Here are some possible causes of iPhone eSIM not working problem.

📍 Your iPhone does not support eSIM so you can't transfer eSIM.
📍 Poor network connection. eSIM transfer requires a stable network connection, after all, it’s wireless transfer.
📍 Outdated iOS version. The current iOS may not support eSIM transfer.
📍 There's something wrong with your account so you meet iPhone eSIM not supported problem.
📍 iPhone glitches. Unknown errors can also cause the iPhone eSIM transfer not working issue.

How to fix iPhone eSIM transfer not working

Usually, there are 3 ways to transfer eSIM from one iPhone to another. Transfer eSIM during the setup process, transfer eSIM via the Settings app after setup or transfer eSIM via Bluetooth. 

If you know the steps to transfer eSIM but encounter iPhone eSIM transfer not working issue, please try the following solutions.

Tip 1. Restart your iPhone

Force restart often works wonders in fixing common iOS issues. It can clean up the temporary files and eliminate any errors that may have caused the iPhone eSIM transfer not working problem.

  • Press and quickly release the volume+ button  
  • Press and quickly release the volume- button
  • Press the side button for seconds until you see the Apple logo

Tip 2. Check Internet connection

The eSIM transfer requires a strong Internet connection to work. A poor connection can cause the eSIM did not transfer to new iPhone problem. You can reset the network settings to improve and refresh your device’s connection to the network.

Go to Settings > General > Reset (Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset in iOS 15 and later) > Tap Reset Network Settings > Enter your passcode to confirm.

Reset Networking Settings

It will delete the Wi-Fi password and paired Bluetooth devices.

Tip 3. Update iOS to the latest version

Obsolete iOS does not support eSIM transfer. A necessary iOS update is needed if you want to convert SIM to eSIM on iPhone. You can go to Settings > General > Software Update and tap Download and Install to update your iPhone to the latest version.

Software Update

Hidden software bugs can cause the iPhone SIM transfer not working problem and a software update can help you get rid of the issue.

Tip 4. Check essential requirement

If you are trying to transfer eSIM via Bluetooth, please check the essential requirement. Maybe you missed an important requirement so you encountered the iPhone eSIM transfer not working problem.

🔧 Both iPhones have been updated to iOS 16 or later.
🔧 Make sure you have set a passcode for your iPhone. If not, you can go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode to make it.
🔧 Make your iPhone unlocked during the transfer process.
🔧 Keep the two devices close to each other until the end of the process.
🔧 If you don't plan to use the physical SIM card, then take it out of your new iPhone.

Tip 5. Reset your old iPhone

When you meet iPhone eSIM not supported problem, you can reset your device to factory settings and choose to remove the plan. Then you can set up your eSIM directly on new iPhone. Maybe your eSIM is still tied to the old phone so you cannot activate eSIM on new iPhone.

You can go to Settings > General > Reset (Transfer or Reset iPhone in iOS 15 and later) > Erase All Content And Settings to delete everything including your eSIM.

Reset iPhone

Please remember to backup important data on your iPhone. If you do not want to use iTunes or iCloud, then you can try FoneTool. It’s one professional iOS data management tool for Windows users. It can help you back up all or selected files to computer/external hard drive/USB flash drive.

Phone Backup

In addition, you can rely on FoneTool to transfer data to new iPhone easily. It is able to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone after setup and you can easily transfer contacts to new Apple ID.

Phone Transfer

You can click the download button to get FoneTool.

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Tip 6. Contact your carrier

If all the tips above cannot help you fix the iPhone eSIM transfer not working issue, then you can contact your carrier. Make sure your carrier supports Dual SIM with eSIM. In addition, please also make sure there are no billing-related issues. Tell them what you've tried, they may need to adjust some settings on their end so you can enable eSIM on your new iPhone.

Final words

That’s all about how to fix iPhone eSIM transfer not working problem. Hope you can transfer eSIM to new iPhone successfully. If none of these methods work, you can contact your carrier’s support team for help. In addition to transferring eSIM from old phone, you can also set up eSIM directly on your new iPhone using the QR code provided by your carrier.

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