[Fixed] Text Messages Didn’t Transfer from Android to iPhone

If your text messages didn’t transfer from Android to iPhone, don’t worry! This post will show you 3 effective ways to fix this issue and offer a safe and fast way to transfer text messages.

May by May Updated December 13, 2023
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Why Didn’t Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone?

There are several potential reasons why “text messages didn’t transfer from Android to iPhone”. Here are some common factors to consider:

Transfer Failure: Transmission may fail due to an error or misconfiguration during the transfer process.
Missed Selection: You may forget to check the checkbox specifically for messages when initiating a transmission.
Connectivity Issues: Make sure your Android device and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or have a reliable cellular connection.
Insufficient Storage: If your iPhone does not have enough free storage space, it may prevent the successful transfer of your text messages.
Transfer Methods: Different methods of transferring data, like using third-party apps or direct transfer tools, may have limitations or require specific settings to successfully transfer text messages.

Text Messages Didn’t Transfer from Android to iPhone

How to Fix “Text Messages Didn’t Transfer from Android to iPhone”

By considering these possible reasons, you can troubleshoot the issue and increase the chances of successfully transferring your text messages from Android to iPhone.

Fix 1. Restart Your Device

Give your device a fresh start to resolve any hiccups hindering the transfer of your text messages from your Android to your iPhone. Follow these steps for a quick restart:

Step 1: Simultaneously press the Power button and the Volume-Up button > After a few moments, slide the slide to power off toggle to the right.

Slide to Power Off

Step 2: Allow a brief pause for the shutdown process > Press and hold the Power button until the iconic Apple logo appears.

Step 3: Input your screen passcode and proceed with attempting the message transfer once more.

Fix 2. Update Your iOS Version

Ensure smooth message transfer by keeping your iOS up-to-date. If your messages aren’t leaping due to iOS quirks or corruption, Apple often rolls out prompt fixes. Stay current by updating to the latest iOS version with these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Access General > Choose Software Update and patiently await your iPhone’s connection to Apple’s servers for the latest updates.

Software Update

Step 2: If an update is available, select Download and Install. Depending on the update size and your internet speed, allow time for the download.

Step 3: Upon completion, grant permission to install by tapping Install now > Allow the update installation to run its course.

iOS 17 unable to check for update? Please click it to see the fixes.

Fix 3. Reset All Settings on Your iPhone

If the above fixes haven’t resolved the issue, consider resetting your iPhone to fix the issue of “text messages did not transfer from Android to new iPhone”. Notably, it is quite essential to backup iPhone to iPad or other devices. Then, follow these steps to initiate a reset:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and find General > Scroll down and choose Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Reset All Settings

Step 2: Input your iPhone’s passcode and confirm by tapping Reset All Settings.

With your iPhone settings reset, attempt the text message transfer from your Android phone once more.

Fastest Way to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone

After trying the fixes above, can you transfer text messages from Android to iPhone? If you still cannot transfer text messages from Android to iPhone, you need to consider an alternative way of transferring data. It is strongly recommended to use FoneTool - a versatile data transfer tool that helps in seamless movement between Android devices, iOS devices, or even both.

In addition to transferring messages, FoneTool also efficiently handles the transfer of videos, photos, music, documents, and more, providing a comprehensive solution for your data migration needs. To perform text messages transfer from your Android to your iPhone, follow these simple steps with FoneTool:

Step 1: Click this link to download and install FoenTool for Android and scan the QR to install FoneTool for iPhone > Enable WLAN, eliminating the need for a dedicated Wi-Fi network connection.

Download FoneTool for iPhone

Step 2: Proceed to the Connect Device feature > Tap Connect to iOS to establish a secure and efficient connection.

Step 3: On your Android, head to the File Transfer section > Cherry-pick specific files or data intended for transfer to your iPhone device.

Step 4: Once selected, kickstart the transfer by hitting the Send button, initiating a swift and secure exchange of your chosen files.

Transfer Text Messages

In addition, FoneTool can be used as an iPhone backup tool without iCloud. With its desktop version of FoneTool, you cannot only make an iPhone backup but also transfer data (such as messages, contacts, photos, and more) between your iPhone and PC.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to fix “text messages didn’t transfer from Android to iPhone”. If you are tired of troubleshooting this issue, you can change another way to transfer your text messages. With FoneTool, you cannot only transfer text messages from Android to iPhone but also from iPhone to Android, iPhone to iPhone, or Android to Android. Try it out!

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