Stepwise Guide: How to Organize Apps on iTunes

Can you arrange iPhone/iPad apps on iTunes? In this article, you will be given a full guide on how to organize apps on iTunes, as well as a powerful tool to manage your app data on computer.

Demi by Demi Updated November 13, 2023
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Organizing apps on your iPhone or iPad involves a simple process. Long-press on an app's icon, wait for the icons to wiggle, and then move the apps around as needed. However, this method is less efficient if you have numerous apps installed, as you can only move one app at a time.

organize apps on itunes

Luckily, this guide demonstrates how to organize apps on iTunes. You will also be given a useful tool to well manage iPhone app data.

How to organize apps on iTunes

While there are more advanced alternatives, iTunes serves as a capable media player with noteworthy features for iOS device management to help you organize iPhone apps on computer.

With just a few clicks and drags, you can manage and rearrange apps as per your preference. Let’s get started.

Step 1. Open up iTunes on your computer. When your iOS device is connected to your computer, you should see it listed in the left sidebar under Devices. Click on the device icon.

itunes device icon

Step 2. On the left bar, you will see some options. Under Settings, click Apps. In this page, you’ll be shown detailed app layout.

manage apps with itunes

➡️ In the middle, a list displays installed apps on your iOS device, allowing you to check boxes for installation or uninstallation.

➡️ On the right, there's a visual representation of your device's screen with the current app placement. You can drag and place one screen above or below another.

➡️ Apps on each screen can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them to your preferred locations. Whether moving one app at a time or selecting multiple apps to move as a group, you can also create and rename folders using the same process as on the iOS device.

Step 3. When complete the organization and arrangement, click Apply to save your changes.

Bonus: How to organize app data on computer

When it comes to managing your iPhone, FoneTool stands out as a powerful tool. It gives you a complete set of tools to organize and streamline your iPhone data effectively. Start by downloading and installing FoneTool on your computer by clicking the icon below.

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App data transfer
Powerful iPhone to PC/PC to iPhone transfer functions in FoneTool enable you to choose the wanted files, like photos, videos, etc. from iPhone to PC, and vice versa, making it simple to create a backup for iPhone data and share files with others.

The iPhone to iPhone transfer function helps you transfer everything from old iPhone to a new one without Apple ID limitation in one click.

Three-step data transfer: Connect iPhone to PC > Launch FoneTool and choose a transfer function > Choose files and start transfer.

go to transfer

App data eraser
Sometimes, you might need to delete personal data to free up space or protect your privacy. This Erase private data feature allows you to choose specific file categories for deletion, helping you erase private information on your iPhone/iPad, including photos, videos, podcasts, contacts, messages, and more.

start erase photos

There are many other useful functions FoneTool can offer you, like moving WhatsApp to new iPhone. Get this tool, and discover more on your own.


Mastering how to organize apps on iTunes can significantly enhance your digital experience, offering a streamlined and efficient device interface. The stepwise guide provided ensures that you can effortlessly rearrange, update, and declutter your apps. Additionally, the bonus tips involving FoneTool showcase the power of third-party tools in efficiently managing and organizing app data on your computer. By incorporating these practices into your routine, you'll find yourself navigating your digital landscape more easily and precisely.



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