[Guide] How to Remove iOS 17 Beta with/Without Computer

How to remove iOS 17 beta from your iPhone? This article will provide guide to you. After reading, you can know how to remove iOS 17 beta from iPhone in two aspects: with or without computer.

Clara by Clara Updated November 20, 2023
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I opted the 'Beta updates' option and installed iOS 17 beta on my iPhone. I want to know how to remove iOS 17 beta. Because this iOS version has some issues with my iPhone. Can anyone tell me how to do that? A step-by-step guide would be really helpful. Thanks!

- Question from Reddit

Why Do You Want to Downgrade iOS 17 Beta?

Since iOS 16.4, Apple has made getting Beta updates very easy. Installing iOS 17 beta before the official version of iOS 17 update is also a temptation for many people. However, iOS 17 beta is sure to have some bugs like stability issues, poor performance and other system-related issues. 

how to remove ios 17 beta

iOS 17 has been here for some time now, and you can seek instructions on how to remove iOS 17 beta from iPhone, or downgrade iOS 17 to 16. In this article, we will cover the solutions from both sides: With and without computer. Let’s read to take a look!

How to Delete Beta Profile from iPhone with Computer

Not all of you enjoy the bugs and errors after updating. Below we will show you simple steps to help you delete iOS 17 beta profile, then you can downgrade your iPhone from iOS 17 beta to iOS 16 or any other version.

Option 1. How to Remove and Downgrade iOS with iTunes

If you installed the iOS 17 beta on your iPhone or iPad by using iTunes, now you can easily delete the beta profile or downgrade iOS 17 beta to 16. But before you start, check and make sure you have the latest versions of iTunes on your device. And most importantly, you’d better make an iTunes backup of your data at first. 

Below is the guide to learn how to remove iOS 17 beta.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2. Sign in to iTunes > Select the iPhone icon in the interface to open the device summary page.

Step 3. Click on the Summary > Find the Restore iPhone button.

how to remove ios 17 beta

Step 4. Tap Restore to confirm your selection and agree to the prompts.

how to remove ios 17 beta

Step 5. iTunes will download and install the latest stable iOS version on the iPhone.

Option 2. How to Uninstall the iOS Beta Via Finder

If you are a Mac user, besides removing iOS 17 beta with iTunes, you can also downgrade the beta with the Finder app. Ensure you have the latest MacOS version, and follow the steps to uninstall iOS 17 beta:

Step 1. Choose and download the correct version of iOS for your iPhone from IPSW.me.

how to remove ios 17 beta

Step 2. Plug your iPhone into the Mac > And open the Finder app on your Mac.

Step 3. Hold down the Option/Alt key and click on Restore iPhone. This should allow you to select the version of iOS you wish to install on the iPhone from your downloads folder > And then, locate it and click on Open.

how to remove ios 17 beta

Step 4. Choose which version of iOS you want to install.

Step 5. After it is restored, your iPhone will be set up as a new device.

How to Remove iOS 17 Beta Without Computer

There are two options you can pick to delete the iOS beta profile from your iPhone Settings. One is to turn off beta updates, another is to go to Profile or VPN & Device Management.

Option 1. Turn Off Beta Updates on Your iPhone

If you don't have a computer around, one way of uninstalling the iOS 17 beta is to disable beta updates from your Settings. It means your iPhone will stop searching for iOS 17 beta software and will instead install the next official iOS 17 update from Apple. This ensures a smoother transition from the beta version to the official version.

Let’s check how to turn off iOS 17 beta updates on the iPhone:

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Click General > Select Software Update.

Step 2. Click Beta Updates and choose to turn it Off.

Step 3. Go back and check for new updates.

Step 4. Download and Install the available update.

how to remove ios 17 beta

Option 2. Delete iOS 17 Beta Profile Through Settings

If there is no computer, another method to accomplish the removal of the iOS beta profile is through Settings on your iPhone. This method is easy, let’s follow the steps to learn how to delete beta profile on iPhone.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app > Find General.

Step 2. Click Profile or VPN & Device Management.

Step 3. Then, you can view your iOS 17 beta profile here > Choose the iOS 17 beta software profile option.

how to remove ios 17 beta

Step 4. Click Remove Profile to remove the iOS 17 beta profile on your iPhone.

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FAQs on How to Remove iOS 17 Beta

1. Can I remove iOS 17 Beta without losing my data?

Yes, you can remove iOS 17 Beta without losing your data. However, it is always recommended to back up your iPhone data before making any software changes. This will ensure that all your important files and information are safe.

2. Is it safe to remove iOS 17 Beta?

It is safe to remove iOS 17 Beta from your device. Just make sure to follow the proper steps to avoid any potential issues. This includes backing up your data and following the recommended process for removing the beta version.

3. Will removing iOS 17 Beta affect my device's performance?

No, removing iOS 17 Beta should not affect your device's performance. It may improve it, as beta versions can sometimes have bugs or issues that can impact performance. Removing it and going back to the stable version of iOS can help improve your device's performance.


This article focuses on how to remove iOS 17 beta from iPhone. Keep in mind that this is a beta version and may have bugs or issues that could affect your phone's performance. So you can choose to delete iOS 17 beta profile, or degrade the iOS 17 to 16.

The article provides steps on how to delete the iOS beta profile or downgrade to a previous iOS version. Following these steps will help you remove iOS 17 beta and have a stable iOS version on your iPhone.

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