4 Efficient Methods to Recover Deleted iMessage on iPhone

Discover how to effortlessly retrieve and restore your deleted iMessages on iPhone. Explore four methods, including iCloud recovery and the reliable tool, compatible with iOS 16 and earlier. Safeguard your data and recover messages with ease. Preserve valuable conversations hassle-free.

Kelsey by Kelsey Updated July 18, 2023
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How to Retrieve and Restore Your Deleted iMessages with Ease

Can you recover deleted iMessages on iPhone? Absolutely! iMessage, the free instant messaging service provided by Apple, allows users with iOS 5 and above to send text and picture messages to other Apple users. However, it can be quite inconvenient if your iMessages get deleted either intentionally or accidentally, especially if they contain important or private conversations.

But don't worry! In this article, we will explore four different methods to help you recover deleted iMessages on your iPhone, regardless of whether you have a backup or not. These methods are effective even if your device runs on the latest iOS 16, 15, or 14. So, let's dive in!

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted iMessages from iCloud

If you have enabled the sync function on your iPhone, all your messages, including iMessages, will be stored in iCloud. These iMessages are synced across all iOS and Mac devices linked to the same Apple ID. Follow these steps to retrieve deleted imessages on iPhone from iCloud:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on "General," then select "Reset", followed by "Erase All Contents and Settings". Enter your password to confirm the erasure and tap "Yes" to proceed.

Erase All Content and Settings

Step 3. Once your device restarts, connect to a Wi-Fi network and set it up. Choose the option "Restore from iCloud Backup."

Step 4. Sign in to your iCloud account and agree to the terms and conditions.

Restore from iCloud Backup

Step 5. Tap on "Show All Backups" and select a backup that contains the deleted iMessages you wish to recover. Your iMessages and other data will be restored.

Before starting the recovery process, it's crucial to back up your data to prevent permanent loss.
Additionally, keep in mind that restoring from a backup may overwrite your current data.
Verify that the selected backup file contains the deleted iMessages you want to recover.

While iCloud recovery has its limitations and risks, there is a safer and more reliable method available – using a third-party tool. Among the numerous options to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone, one tool stands out for its reliability, speed, and ease of use: AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS. This cutting-edge technology allows you to access your database and restore recoverable data, including iMessages.

Part 2. Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone Directly

The easiest way is to use a professional iPhone data recovery tool - AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS, which can easily recover your lost iMessages no matter what the circumstances are.

★The highlights of AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS:
Effortlessly retrieve deleted iMessages without compromising your existing data.
Restore deleted iMessages with or without a backup, hassle-free.
Preview and selectively recover specific iMessages before restoring them.
Extensive support for 10+ file types, including iMessage, photos, WhatsApp, videos, texts, and more.
Seamlessly compatible with all iOS devices and versions, including iPhone 14/13/12 and iOS 16/15/14.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. On your iPhone, when prompted, trust the computer by tapping "Trust". Launch AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS.

Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Connect iOS Device

Step 2. In AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS, click on the "Scan Now" button to initiate the scanning process of your iOS device. Wait for the scan to complete.

Click Scan Now

Step 3. After the scan is finished, you will see a list of recoverable data. Select the specific data you want to recover by checking the respective checkboxes. Finally, click on the "Recover" button located at the top right corner of the interface.

Recover Photos

Part 3. Retrieve Deleted iMessages from iTunes Backup

Losing important iMessages can be a frustrating experience, but with the help of iTunes backup, you can recover those valuable conversations. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to recover deleted iMessages from your iTunes backup. Let's get started!

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer. Once your iPhone is connected, click on the device icon that appears in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. This will take you to the Summary page of your iPhone.

Click the Device Icon

Step 2. On the Summary page, locate the "Backups" section. Under "Manually Back Up and Restore," click on the "Restore Backup" button.

Step 3. Click on the "Restore Backup" button to initiate the restoration process. iTunes will begin restoring your iPhone with the selected backup. This process may take some time, so please be patient.

Resote Backup

Once it powers on, check the Messages app to see if your deleted iMessages have been successfully recovered.

Frequently asked questions about recovering deleted iPhone iMessages

If you still have questions about recovering lost or deleted iMessages, this section may be helpful for you.

Q1: How can I recover deleted iMessages without a backup?

A1: If you don't have a backup, you can use third-party data recovery software like AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS to scan and recover deleted iMessages directly from your iPhone.

Q2: Is it possible to preview the deleted iMessages before recovering them?

A2: Yes, some data recovery software, like AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS, allows you to preview the recoverable iMessages before performing the recovery process.

Q3: Will recovering deleted iMessages overwrite my current data?

A3: Recovering deleted iMessages from a backup should not overwrite your current data. However, it's always recommended to have a backup of your current data before initiating the recovery process.

Q4: Can I recover other data types along with iMessages?

A4: Yes, many recovery methods and software support recovering multiple data types, including photos, videos, contacts, and more, along with iMessages.

Final Words

In this article, we've explored different methods to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone effectively. AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS simplifies the process of recovering deleted iMessages, regardless of whether you're using iOS 16 or any previous versions. The user-friendly interface and straightforward steps make it a powerful tool for recovering messages. Moreover, AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS also proves useful when you need to recover deleted photos, retrieve iPhone contacts, and more.

Remember, safeguarding your important data is crucial, so always maintain regular backups. With AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS, you can regain access to your deleted iMessages and preserve those valuable conversations effortlessly.


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