[6 Free Ways to Fix] iPhone Stuck Searching for Service

Are you experiencing the iPhone stuck searching for service issue? Don’t worry! Read this post to learn 6 effective methods to fix iPhone stuck on no service.

May by May Updated December 19, 2023
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Why Is My iPhone Stuck on Searching for Service?

Before fixing the iPhone stuck searching for service issue, let’s dive into the reasons why your iPhone stuck on searching for service.

Insufficient Signal Coverage: When your iPhone cannot find a network signal, it displays Searching. This usually happens when you are not in the coverage area of your mobile carrier.
Software Glitch: Sometimes a minor software glitch can cause a problem like the one you’re experiencing, causing your iPhone to constantly search for a network.
Carrier Settings Issues: Your iPhone stores carrier-specific settings to ensure a seamless connection. Any discrepancies or issues with these settings may result in constantly searching for a network or Wi-Fi disconnect.
Operating System Issues: iOS, the operating system that powers your iPhone, may have underlying issues that manifest themselves as various problems.

iPhone Stuck Searching for Service

How to Fix iPhone Stuck Searching for Service - 6 Methods

You’ve already gained insight into several potential reasons behind the “iPhone stuck on no service” issue. Now, let’s explore ways to stop this perpetual searching and restore network stability in this section of the guide.

Method 1. Turn off and on Your iPhone Again

If your iPhone has a minor software glitch, you can effectively fix it with a simple reboot. A reboot essentially involves powering off your device and then turning it back on. This simple process is usually effective in resolving various minor issues on your phone. Here is a how to do that:

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button > When a slider will appear, slide it to turn off your iPhone.

Turn off Your iPhone

Step 2: Once off, press and hold the Power button again to turn iPhone back on.

Method 2. Turn on Cellular Data and Data Roaming

Sometimes activating cellular data and enabling roaming settings can make it easier for your iPhone to connect to a network provider. In some cases, certain carriers require you to keep cellular data enabled continuously. Here’s how to make sure your iPhone is connected:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to Mobile Data > Toggle the switch to activate Mobile Data.

Activate Mobile Data

Step 2: Tap Mobile Data Options and enable the Data Roaming option.

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Method 3. Keep Your Carrier Settings Up to Date

If your carrier has recently updated its infrastructure or systems, it’s important to make sure your iPhone is using the latest settings. This will solve the problem of your iPhone constantly searching for a network and ensure that it is connected to the correct carrier. Here’s how to update your carrier settings:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a WiFi network and go to Settings > General > About.

Update Carrier Settings

Step 2: If updated carrier settings are available, you can choose to install them.

Method 4. Reinsert Your SIM Card

An incorrectly inserted SIM card may cause your iPhone to not recognize the card, resulting in a persistent Search message. Correct this problem by reinserting the SIM card into the device. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Carefully remove the SIM card tray from your iPhone > Remove the SIM card from the tray.

Step 2: Reinsert the SIM card into the tray to ensure it is properly seated > Gently slide the tray back into your iPhone.

Method 5. Enable and Then Disable Airplane Mode

Airplane mode acts as a disconnect point for all network connections on iPhone, including WiFi and cellular networks. Turning this option on and off may help reconnect iPhone to your carrier. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your iPhone and activate the Airplane Mode switch.

Enable Airplane Mode

Step 2: Wait approximately one minute and then deactivate the Airplane Mode switch.

Method 6. Reset Network Settings

Your iPhone’s network settings play a crucial role in establishing a connection with your carrier. Incorrect settings can cause a variety of problems and may even cause your iPhone to be stuck in a permanent network search. Here is how to fix iPhone searching for service by resetting these network settings:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to General > Reset.

Step 2: Find and select the Reset Network Settings option to initiate the reset.

Reset Network Settings

Video Tutorial: [Quick Fix] iPhone Stuck Searching for Service

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The Bottom Line

To sum up, this post has covered 6 easy and useful methods to fix the “iPhone stuck searching for service” issue. Hope these methods can help you solve this problem. In addition, it’s essential to regularly back up your iPhone data with iPhone backup tool such as FoneTool to avoid data loss. With the help of FoneTool, you can also transfer iPhone to iPhone without iCloud. Try it out!

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