How to Transfer Data from Xiaomi to Samsung [3 Easiest Ways]

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung? Luckily, this post will show you a full guide to helping you migrate from Xiaomi to Samsung from contacts and messages to photos and videos.

May by May Updated April 30, 2024
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Transferring data between phones poses a challenge for users switching between devices. Fortunately, Xiaomi users benefit from a built-in backup app that allows for comprehensive file backups including contacts, apps, and videos. On the contrary, Samsung users can back up their data from their devices to their computers using Smart Switch.

However, the question arises: how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung? Don’t worry! Read on to learn 3 effective ways to migrate from Xiaomi to Samsung easily!

How to Transfer Data from Xiaomi to Samsung

Way 1. Transfer Data from Xiaomi to Samsung via FoneTool [Hot Recommended]

If you are looking for a simplified solution to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung with just one click, consider trying FoneTool for Android. With this free and powerful phone transfer app, you can transfer various file types (like photos, videos, contacts, music, and other files) between Android devices.

Below is how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung phone with the FoneTool Android client:

Step 1: Download the FoneTool Android client on both of your Android devices.

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Step 2: Open FoneTool for Android on both Xiaomi and Samsung > Ensure that WLAN permissions are granted (a Wi-Fi network connection is not required, just activate the Wi-Fi option).

Step 3: In the FoneTool app on either device, navigate to Connect Device and select Connect to Android > Find and select the desired device from the list to establish a connection between the two Android devices.

Connect to Android

Step 4: On the Xiaomi phone, access File Transfer, select the files you want to transfer wirelessly and click Send to initiate the transfer.

Tap Send on Xiaomi

Step 5: On the Samsung phone, a prompt will appear; simply tap Confirm to receive the file.

Tap Confirm

FoneTool is also a powerful data transfer tool that offers additional features like transferring everything from Android to iPhone and vice versa.

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In addition, if you are concerned about the impact of wireless solutions on data transfer speeds, it may be worth exploring the desktop version of FoneTool. Not only do these versions offer powerful transfer capabilities, but they also offer the backup service customized for iOS devices.

Way 2. Data Transfer from Xiaomi to Samsung via Bluetooth

For those seeking to transfer small amounts of data from Xiaomi to Samsung, using Bluetooth is a viable option. Given its inherent functionality in Android devices, there is no need to rely on third-party software. 

However, it must be noted that Bluetooth transfers take quite a long time and are limited in the types of files it supports (mainly documents and media files). As such, it is best suited for scenarios involving small amounts of data to transfer from Xiaomi to Samsung. Here is a full guide to perform the Xiaomi to Samsung data transfer via Bluetooth:

Step 1: Go to Settings and enable Bluetooth on both devices. Ensure the distance between the devices and wait for the Samsung device to appear on the Xiaomi device.

Pair Xiaomi to Samsung

Step 2: Once your Samsung device is detected, select it and establish pairing by entering a unique code on both devices.

Step 3: After successful Bluetooth pairing of Xiaomi and Samsung devices, file transfer will start.

  • For contacts transfer, simply send the VCF file to the target device.
  • For media files such as photos, navigate to Xiaomi Gallery, select the desired image, and then tap the Share icon.

Step 4: Select Bluetooth as the transfer method and retrieve the files on your Samsung device.

Select Bluetooth to Transfer Xiaomi to Samsung

However, it is important to recognize that this method may not be suitable for large file transfers and it does not support the migration of certain data types (e.g. messages and call logs).

Way 3. Transfer Data from Xiaomi to Samsung Using Smart Switch

Samsung offers its proprietary transfer tool, Smart Switch, designed to migrate data from a variety of devices, including Android, Windows, and iOS, to a new Samsung device. Using Smart Switch simplifies the process of the Mi to Samsung data transfer. Follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: First download the Smart Switch app from the Google Play store to your Xiaomi and Samsung devices.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung device to your Xiaomi device using the provided USB cable and connector, or establish a wireless connection between the devices.

Connect Samsung to Xiaomi on Smart Switch

Step 3: Select the specific item you want to transfer from your Xiaomi device to your Samsung device.

Select Files to Transfer from Xiaomi to Samsung

FAQs About Xiaomi to Samsung Data Transfer

Q1: How long does it usually take to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung?

The time required for data transfer depends on factors such as the amount of data transferred, the method used, and the connection speed between devices.

Q2: Can Smart Switch be used on devices other than Samsung?

The answer is no. Smart Switch is designed for Samsung devices and does not work with non-Samsung devices. In order to transfer data between non-Samsung devices, you can use Smart Switch alternatives like FoneTool for iOS/Android to transfer data.

Q3: Does Xiaomi provide its own data transfer tool to transfer to Samsung?

Xiaomi may offer built-in data transfer options, but they may not be directly compatible with Samsung devices. In this case, you can try third-party apps like FoneTool to transfer Xiaomi to another devices.

The Bottom Line

This is the process of how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung. As proved, there are several ways to accomplish this task. Among all available solutions, it is strongly recommended to use FoneTool because of its powerful features and efficient data transfer capabilities. Try it out!

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