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AnsweredHow to Buy More Storage on iPhone Not iCloud [2023 Updated]

Best Answered by May    October 13, 2023

If you want to increase your iPhone’s storage capacity, you should consider physical storage options. However, iPhones do not allow you to directly add internal storage, but here are some alternative options:

External Storage Devices: You can use external storage devices (such as flash drives, SD card readers, or portable hard drives) that connect to your iPhone via the Lightning or USB-C port and allow you to transfer files and expand storage.
Wireless Hard Drives: Some wireless hard drives can connect to your iPhone via Wi-Fi, providing additional storage capacity for your files.
Cloud Storage Services: While not increasing your iPhone’s internal storage, you can use cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive to store and access files online. This can help free up space on your device.

Simply put, your iPhone’s internal storage cannot be upgraded or expanded through purchase, so you can consider buy a new iPhone with larger internal storage. In this case, you may need to transfer your old iPhone to your new iPhone. So, how to do it? Well, it’s recommended to use FoneTool - a safe and professional iPhone transfer tool. With FoneTool, you can transfer data to your new iPhone with one click or choose to selectively transfer the desired data.

FoneTool - Easily Control Your iPhone Data

All-in-one mobile data manager helps you backup, transfer, manage data on your iOS and Android devices quickly and easily.

After downloading and installing FoneTool on your PC, transfer all your data from one iPhone to another is a breeze with these steps:

1Link both iPhones to your computer using USB cables and tap Trust on your iPhone screen.

2Launch FoneTool and select Phone Transfer on the home page > Choose iPhone to iPhone and click Start Transfer.

3You’ll see both the source and target iPhones listed. If needed, you can encrypt the transfer and click Start Transfer to initiate the transfer.

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