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How to erase data in Apple devices?

While FoneTool provides you with the service of backing up and transferring iOS device data, it also provides you with the service of completely erasing iOS data, ensuring your data privacy and security to a great extent. We have provided you with two erasing features. You can use the "Erase All Data" feature to erase the entire device at once, or selectively erase the data you wish to clear for privacy using the "Erase Private Data" option.

Prerequisites for erasing iOS data:

Before start erasing, you need to:

Download and install FoneTool on your windows computer (currently only supports windows system).

Connect the iPhone device that you need to erase to computer through a USB cable.

Erase All Data

The following are the detailed steps:

Step 1.Launch FoneTool, click the "Toolbox" button in the Left-Navigation-Bar, Choose the "Data Eraser".


Step 2. Select the "Erase all data"on the right, click "Get Start".


Step 3. Tick the option "I am aware of the consequence of erasing data and am sure I want to erase it" , then more options will be listed:


You can single or multiple choice options according to your needs:

Automatically activate the device and skip the setup wizard: Supports automatic activation of iPhone after erasing data, without the complicated activation process of iPhone. This function does not currently support iOS systems above iOS 14.0 and will be supported in subsequent versions.

Enable Deep Erase technology: If you don’t tick the option, FoneTool will restore iPhone to factory settings, but there is no guarantee that the data will not be restored. If you tick the option, FoneTool will erase deeply, overwrite and erase the data multiple times to ensure that the privacy files in iPhone are not at risk of being restored.  Please note that this option is available in the professional edition only. If you are using the free edition, you need to upgrade to Pro edition.

Apple ID and password are remembered, wipes data even when turned on "Find My iPhone": If you tick this option, you don't need to enter your current Apple ID and password to erase the phone even when "Find My iPhone" function is enabled.

Step 4. Click "Erase Data" to begin the process, you will see a warning message, click "Yes" to continue.



FoneTool does not support iPhones under iOS 8 at present, so it does not support backup, restore, transfer or erase of such iPhones.

If the “Find My iPhone” function is enabled, you need to enter your current Apple ID and password to erase the phone.

Erase Private Data

The following are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Launch FoneTool, click the "Toolbox" button in the Left-Navigation-Bar, choose the "Data Eraser" .


Step 2. Select "Erase privacy data" on the left, and click "Get Started" to proceed.


Step 3.  At this stage, the software will navigate to a different page, you can select specific data for erasing.



Currently supports wiping these iOS device data: Photos, Music, Videos, Contents, Messages, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Notes, Audiobooks, Safari Bookmarks, Safari History.

You can select single, multiple or all categories for privacy erasing.

The deep erase technology can be enabled to achieve more comprehensive privacy erasure.

Step 4. Click "Start Erase" to start the erasing process.



The selected data type has privacy-protecting feature that require you to encrypt before you can erase the data. After clicking "Start Erasing" a pop-up window will appear, reminding you to set up a password. Remember to keep this password in mind, you may need this password to decrypt your device when you use other backup, transfer, and similar functionalities later on.

During the erasure process, your device will automatically restart once and prompt you to enter your screen unlock password to complete the process.

If you want to stop the erasure, you can click "Cancel" at any time.

Please make sure that your device stays connected throughout the erasure process.

Step 5. When the erasing process is completed, the operating result will show "Erase successfully", click "OK" to finish the privacy erase.


Private Date Erase will delete all data in the selected category. Before that, please make sure that the category you have selected no longer contains important data, as it will be permanently unrecoverable once erased. 

To ensure complete data erasing, please make sure you sign out of Apple ID or disable iCloud sync services for relevant apps on the device before erasing. Otherwise, your iCloud data may be synced back to your device later, posing a risk to privacy.


Above is the introduction to the data erasure feature. This functionality can be used in various scenarios where iOS data needs to be erased, such as when you switch iPhones. With our FoneTool, you can effortlessly and securely delete your data with just one click, ensuring the privacy of your data.


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