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Manage iCloud

FoneTool's "Manage iCloud" feature allows you to manage one or multiple iCloud accounts. Currently, it supports the uploading, downloading, and deletion of Photo, Contacts, Notes, Videos, and iCloud Drive data within iCloud accounts, as well as data synchronization between different iCloud accounts. This article will provide a detailed overview of FoneTool's 'Manage iCloud' functionality.

Linking Apple ID to FoneTool:

Binding Your Apple ID account to FoneTool is Required for iCloud Data Management via FoneTool.

 Launch FoneTool and select "Manage iCloud" from the left-side navigation panel to access the "My Cloud" interface. In the "My iCloud" interface, enter your Apple ID and password, and click "Sign up." 


Due to Apple's official implementation of two-factor authentication for Apple IDs, after entering your account and password, you'll be required to use a trusted device to receive a six-digit verification code. The verification code will be sent to the iOS mobile device associated with the provided Apple ID. Enter the code in the pop-up window and click "Sign up" again to bind your iCloud account.


More information about the two-factor-authentication of Apple ID, please click here.

If you need to remove an already added Apple ID, simply hover your mouse over this account within the 'My iCloud' list. An option 'Remove Apple ID' icon will appear; click on it and select 'Remove' to eliminate the account.


Manage iCloud Data:

Step 1: Launch FoneTool and select "Manage iCloud" from the left-side navigation panel to access the "My iCloud" interface. Click the "Manage iCloud" button to enter the iCloud management interface.


Step 2:  In the "Current iCloud" section, select and switch to the iCloud account you want to manage. Data under this account, including Photo, Contacts, Notes, Videos, and iCloud Drive, will be listed.

Step 3: Access the "Setting" button in the upper right corner to configure the storage path for transferred data and set file names. You can also click "Refresh" at any time to update the iCloud data listed by FoneTool.


Step 4: After setting preferences, on the left, select the data categories you wish to manage within Photo, Contacts, Notes, Videos, and iCloud Drive. Choose specific files or folders, and perform "Upload," "Download," or "Delete" operations on the selected data.


Step 5: Upon completing your tasks, click the upper left arrow icon to return to the "My Cloud" interface and continue managing other iCloud accounts.

iCloud Sync:

Similarly, "Manage iCloud" allows for easy synchronization of data between two iCloud accounts. It is not possible to select individual files for synchronization; you can only choose to synchronize entire Photo, Contacts, Notes, Videos, and iCloud Drive. Please note that iCloud Sync is a premium feature, and you need to upgrade to the paid version of FoneTool to use it.

Step 1: Launch FoneTool and select "Manage iCloud" from the left-side navigation panel to access the "My Cloud" interface. Click on the "iCloud Sync" icon at the bottom to enter the synchronization page.


Step 2: Click on the device name on the page and select the target iCloud account for data synchronization.

Step 3: Choose the data folders you want to synchronize. In the Photo, Contacts, Notes, Videos, and iCloud Drive options, you can select individual items, multiple items, or choose to sync all. Once you've made your selections, click "Start Sync" to initiate the synchronization process.


Step 4: After synchronization is complete, return to the "Manage iCloud" interface and click "Refresh" in the upper right corner to verify the synchronized iCloud data.


The "Manage iCloud" feature supports adding multiple iCloud accounts,  there is currently no limit on the number of accounts.

iCloud Sync only supports data synchronization between two iCloud accounts listed in the "My Cloud" section at a time.

Synchronization won't affect the existing data in the target iCloud account. During Photo synchronization, the program automatically filters out duplicates present in the target iCloud account and matches them with the source iCloud account.


Conclusively, the aforementioned details cover the elucidation of FoneTool's 'Manage iCloud' feature. With FoneTool, managing data across multiple iCloud accounts becomes effortlessly achievable. Should further inquiries arise, feel free to consult the AOMEI Support Team at any time.

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