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iOS Data Recovery

We have introduced the iOS Data Recovery feature for FoneTool users, designed to recover iOS device data that has been accidentally lost or deleted. It supports scanning and recovery of various iOS data types including Photos, Contacts, Messages, Notes, Safari, and more.

Below are detailed instructions for using the iOS Data Recovery feature:

Step 1: Run FoneTool on Windows and connect the iOS device you need to recover to Windows. In the left-hand navigation panel under "Toolbox," click on "iOS Data Recovery."


Step 2: Select the data you need to recover. You can either click "Select All" to recover all data at once or choose multiple items you wish to recover. Once selected, click "Start Scan."


Tip: During the scanning process, the program may prompt you to enter the lock screen password for the iOS device. Please enter the password promptly on the device when prompted.

Step 3: After the scan is complete, the successfully recovered files will be listed on the interface. Select "Export to Computer" to download the recovered data to your computer.

General FAQs:

Q: When exporting photos or photo videos scanned through the FoneTool iOS recovery feature to the computer, why are some files only exported as thumbnails? Some files prompt "file not found" during export?


Scenario 1: Photos or photo videos may be stored in iCloud or belong to shared albums and have not been downloaded to the device. Therefore, these files are not included in the backup data generated by scanning the device.

Scenario 2: Photos or photo videos belong to the "From My Mac" album (photos synchronized to the phone from iTunes, Finder, or third-party software are stored here). Since iOS recovery is based on a complete backup, and complete backups do not include these files, they may not be recovered.

Q: When exporting scanned data to the computer using the FoneTool iOS recovery feature, why are some files showing a size of 0KB? Some files prompt "file not found" during export?


Scenario 1: These files may be stored in iCloud and not downloaded to the device locally, such as SMS attachments, memo attachments, files within various applications, or files in iCloud Drive. In such cases, verify if the device has iCloud sync enabled for these data types and if they are downloaded to the device.

Scenario 2: Failed export of SMS attachments may also occur if these attachments received from others have not been downloaded or saved to the device. Verify within the SMS app on the device.

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