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How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Data by FoneTool

FoneTool's WhatsApp Manager feature allows you to back up your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business data to prevent any data loss due to accidental deletion, device damage, or other reasons. The backup process is easy to perform and can be completed quickly using FoneTool's intuitive interface.

Prerequisites for WhatsApp backup:

Before making a backup, you need to:

Download and install FoneTool on your windows computer (currently only supports windows system)

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

The following are the detailed steps for WhatsApp backup and restoration:

WhatsApp Backup:

Step 1. Launch FoneTool, then click "WhatsApp Manager" on the left menu bar. And choose "Backup WhatsApp" or "Backup WhatsApp Business" depending on the type of account you used.

Select Account

Step 2. Click "Get Started" into the next interface which will list the "WhatsApp" data types that can be backed up, currently support backup messages, documents, photos, stickers, videos, audios and links by default.

In addition, you can also configure more settings:

  • Enable Backup Encryption: encrypt this backup for data security. It's important to remember the password you set, as it will be required to access and restore the backup later.
  • Currently Selected Device: select the device to be backed up when there are multiple iso devices are connected.

Backup Setting

Step 3. Click the “Backup Storage Path” option to choose a local storage location for backup, then click “Start Backup” to initiate the backup process.

Select  Storage Path

Step 4. Once the backup is completed, click on "View" to check the backup details. And, you can browse backup data in FoneTool directly.

Backup Complete

WhatsApp Restore:

You can restore backup data of WhatsApp back to the iOS device easily via FoneTool.

Please note that the WhatsApp restore is available in the professional edition only. If you are using the free edition, you need to upgrade to Pro edition.

Step 1. Connect the original or new iPhone device to your computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Launch FoneTool, then choose this WhatsApp backup task under "Backup History", click "Start Restore" to begin the restore process.

Step 3. After restore, you can normally use WhatsApp and check these data.


  • WhatsApp restore will overwrite the WhatsApp data of the target device.
  • Before restoring, please close WhatsApp's backend program on the target device, and do not use WhatsApp during the restoration process to prevent the restored data from conflicting with the target device's WhatsApp.
  • If WhatsApp does not run properly after restoration, you can save the data of the application and reinstall WhatsApp to run again.


The above is a detailed introduction on how to use FoneTool to backup and restore WhatsApp data, this feature will be very helpful for users who want to prevent WhatsApp data loss.

General FAQs:

Q: Why can’t WhatsApp\WhatsApp Business run normally when restore or transfer WhatsApp\WhatsApp Business data to an iPhone via FoneTool?

A: 1. Please confirm if WhatsApp is sending/receiving message (or message is just sent/received completely) on the target iPhone when you start restore or transfer WhatsApp\WhatsApp Business data to the target iPhone. If so, it might cause WhatsApp run abnormally after restore/transfer. In this case, you can reinstall WhatsApp on the target iPhone, and temporarily don’t login WhatsApp account, then restore or transfer WhatsApp data again. After that, you can log in WhatsApp to check. 

2. Please check if the version of WhatsApp on the source and target iPhone are different. If so, it might also cause WhatsApp run abnormally after restore/transfer. In this case, you can firstly upgrade WhatsApp on the source and target iPhone to the latest version, and then do backup/restore or transfer again.  But, if you only have a previous backup of WhatsApp data and the source device has not existed, it can’t restore the data to the target iPhone when the version of WhatsApp on target iPhone is higher than the source one. In this case, you can use FoneTool to browse the backup data and export important data to the computer.

Q: Why does WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business occupy more iphone space than the one seen in the application after transferred or restored WhatsApp\WhatsApp Business data to the target iphone?

A: It might be that some Chat records and attachments generated before transferring or restoring WhatsApp data aren’t overwritten. But, these records are not visible in WhatsApp sessions. So, the used space showed in WhatsApp will be less than the actual space occupancy of the application on iPhone. For example, if there is a 300MB A file on the target iphone and there is no a backup file corresponding to the A file when restoring WhatsApp data, so it will still retain the A file after retore. 

If you want to clear the space occupied by these previous files, you can reinstall WhatsApp on the target iphone and then restore\transfer WhatsApp data again.

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