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Ringtone Maker

To enhance the ease of managing your iOS mobile devices with FoneTool and to offer a more personalized experience, we are pleased to introduce the iOS ringtone creation feature in FoneTool.

Here are the detailed operating steps for Fonetool RingTone maker:

Step 1. Launch FoneTool and navigate to the "Ringtone" option under the "Toolbox" section.


Step 2. Choose your audio source for ringtone creation. You can either select "Select from computer" or connect your iOS device to Windows and choose "Select from device".

Tip: When selecting "Select from device", FoneTool will automatically load all files downloaded to the device locally from Apple Music, Apple TV, and Podcast apps.

Step 3. Once the audio source is selected, commence the creation process. You can manually drag the blue cursor on the page where the audio is loaded to create the ringtone, or utilize the function keys. Below are detailed explanations of the function keys in the ringtone creation panel:


Play: Play the ringtone from the current position of the yellow cursor.

Set playback point as start: Set the current position of the yellow cursor as the beginning of the ringtone.

Set playback point as end: Set the current position of the yellow cursor as the end of the ringtone.

Start & End: Apart from manually dragging the cursor to set the ringtone, you can also manually input the specific time duration of the audio to trim the ringtone within these two boxes.

Preview ringtone: Play the complete ringtone set with the current configurations.

Ringtone duration: Total duration of the created ringtone.

Ringtone fades in and out: Enable this option to apply a fade-in or fade-out effect to the ringtone. For example, you can gradually increase the volume before the ringtone starts or gradually decrease it towards the end.

Step 4. After completing the creation, save the ringtone. You can choose either "Save to Computer" or "Save to Device".


Step 5. After creating and saving the ringtone to your iOS mobile device, you can access and use it to personalize your call and message notifications by navigating to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone.


Note: When saving the created ringtone to a mobile device, only ringtones with a length not exceeding 29 seconds will be displayed on the SMS ringtone settings page, whereas there is no restriction on the length for setting the phone ringtone.

In conclusion, this guide provides an overview of using FoneTool's Ringtone Maker. By leveraging FoneTool, you can personalize your iPhone with just one click, enhancing the overall experience on your iOS mobile device.


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